Homeopathy, especially, is very effective for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of long standing. Effectiveness of homoeopathy in recurring diseases of any psychological or pathological condition such as depression, autism, migraine headache, allergies, psoriasis and other skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. is a hallmark of homoeopathy. All the diseases cannot be described here, obviously.

Well, even the conventional medicine is effective. Then, why homoeopathy? The superiority of homoeopathy is - Results are long lasting because the homoeopathic approach addresses the patient’s physical, mental and genetic constitution including lifestyle to cure.

Homoeopathy is essentially a safe system of medicine, free from any side effects. Process of potentization removes drug toxicity. Homoeopathy is safe for newborn babies, pregnant women, and elderly patients as well as for those patients who have delicate health like in ICU and coma.

Other benefits & advantages of Homoeopathy: its cost-effectiveness, easy to administer, child-friendliness and can be used along with other forms of medications esp. in terminal illness.